“Should I Stay or Should I Go?” @ Old Crow Tattoo & Gallery : Oakland : CA

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Saturday, July 14, 8-12pm

Old Crow Tattoo & Gallery , 362 Grand Ave. oakland, CA, 94610

John Felix Arnold III and Old Crow Tattoo & Gallery are pleased to present Should I Stay Or Should I Go, an interactive art experience that melds fine art, installation, sound, and performances in a collaborative presentation conducted by John Felix Arnold III and featuring an opening night performance by Him Downstairs.

Following the success of The Love of All Above (Feb. 4th, 2012 : Queens Nails Projects : SF) Should I Stay Or Should I Go is the newest installment in a series of hyperbolized visual depictions of a post-apocalyptic future world called Unstoppable Tomorrow : The World of Future Antiquity.

In this world human kind’s obsessive drive to dominate and innovate leads to the reset of civilization and a rebirth of what it is to be “human” within the struggles they have endured and the lives they stil  l maintain. The work for this exhibition continues to examine what Arnold sees as an impending shift in human evolution and hones in on a specific segment of survivors during a pivotal point of collective decision making in regard to next phase of their development.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go is at root an installation and environment that acts as a vehicle for performance and ritual as a conceptual and literal framework. This idea is realized and executed by Arnold, then collaborated and elaborated on with performance act Him Downstairs. The work for this exhibition will feature, mixed media paintings and drawings, an interactive altar installation, and an interactive shelter style installation piece that will involve sound work and act as a vehicle for the live performance. The culmination of all of the different types of work will cut up the space time of Old Crow so as to play with the viewer’s perception of reality. At one moment the audience will be able to view the work as an art show in a gallery in the present, and at the next moment be transported inside of this imaginary future world itself as an active participant and character. Finally, an additional conceptual layer of the show will create the feeling that the viewer is hundreds of years in the future looking at a natural history style exhibition of lives and events that occur around 200 years from the present day we currently exist in.

Should I Stay or Should I Go will be exhibited at Old Crow Tattoo & Gallery, located at 362 Grand Ave. in Oakland.

The artist’s reception and performance showcase will be held on Saturday, July 14, 2012 from 8-12pm. The exhibit runs from July 14-August 13,2012.

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