“TREASURED CIGAR BOX Assemblage Explorations Of The African Diaspora Designed By APRIL MARTIN CHARTRAND” @ The SF Public Library : SF : CA

John Felix Arnold III • Jun 23, 12 • Art, EventsNo Comments
San Francisco Public Library (Main)
100 Larkin Street @ Grove St. (Afro American Wing 3rd Floor) San Francisco, CA 94102

Saturday, June 23, 2012 At 10:00 PM

When: June 23rd – August 2, 2012

Hours: The show is open during Library hours

Chartrand’s Treasured Cigar Box series invites you into a world of the global slave trade perspectives between Africa, Europe, the Americas, and America (USA). These multidimensional assemblage cigar boxes (15 boxes) incorporate recycled and found objects, keys, money, and hand painted paper.
This series bridges the gap by connecting the major Colonial slave trade shareholders of the New World. Treasured Cigar Box (series) offers knowledge and research into the deeper meaning on how the exploitative, atrocious and brutal servitude, and harvesting of tobacco by circa 12-million African Slaves fueled the beginnings of the modern day corporations.

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