ArtNowSF Spotlight!!!! Old Crow 3 Year Anniversary “Best of Both Worlds” @ Old Crow : Oakland : CA

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 Old Crow Tattoo and Gallery
362 grand ave

Saturday, June 23, 2012 At 08:00 PM


It’s been 3 amazing years @ Old Crow Tattoo and Gallery. We all thank you sooo much !!! This exhibition and celebration is truly for the people and the public. None of this could be done without you. Proceeds from the show and it’s opening night to benefit West Oakland Town Park.


-Old Crow Tattoo and Gallery is pleased to present “The Best of Both Worlds aka Thank you”. Featuring new artwork from Chez and ESK with musical performances by Insightful, Mortar and Pestle, and Echo Location With each featured artist taking one wall to exhibit work separately, our gallery space will house a show rooted in stylistic differences once again visiting the idea of artistic pairing to create a show where each part is as strong as the whole. This exhibition also marks the completion of a 2 month community altar installation by Hunter De La Ghetto. James Coquia will be installing his amazing CCA thesis exhibition piece as a permanent outdoor sculpture in our backyard.

Chez and Evan ESK Wilson
“The Best of Both Worlds” aka Thank You
June 23rd – July 8th
Opening Reception: June 23rd @ 8pm
altar installation by Hunter De La Ghetto
James Coquia outdoor sculpture unveiling

Gallery Statement

-Consistently ahead of the group his versatility has to be spoken of with the same respect as the art he creates and the mediums he’s using to make them. As a painter, Chez’s work creates a dialogue with tattooing itself, including aspects of the pictorial, the animalistic, and the personal. His meticulous brush strokes, in oils on canvas, echo the inked traces of needle on skin. Chez is exceeding talented in capturing the varying tonalities of skin, shadow, and setting. His paintings often blur the boundaries between traditional and contemporary modes of representation. Rendered in a realistic mode–while making references to specific Old Master paintings-Chez creates a fusion of period styles and poses. The figures in his paintings at times depicted in a heroic manner, connote power and spiritual awakening.

As a tattooist his beautifully designed private studio Golden West Tattoo in Concord has become a place of creative prowess. With tattooing as the main focus Chez has also started exhibiting other talented artists work creating monthly to semi monthly exhibition’s. His dynamic black and grey tattooing is full of energy. His masterful use of perspective, coupled with precise tattoo application his niche has been carved and is growing.

Evan ESK Wilson
Artist Statement

-This new body of work is a continuation on my previous exploration of projecting two-dimensional art-works into a three-dimensional space. This layering of visual stimulus seems to resonate strongly with living in a high-density urban environment, where individual existence is compressed, stacked and hidden amongst the vibrant writhing of a city. But, instead of merely cutting and pasting this visual stimulus onto the sterile material of canvas or Plexiglas, as I have done in the past, I wanted to construct works directly out of the materials that frame the urban experience.

These pieces are my attempt to add to the rapidly expanding pantheon of urban artistic language. This is not street art. It is art done in response to the conditions out of which graffiti and street art arose. Around us everywhere, the local landmarks are falling into dust, while big money builds giant monoliths. I am channeling my culturally ingrained material obsession towards giving new life to materials that have been cast aside, trying to generate a formal beauty that is a distorted reflection of the natural beauty of urban decay. I am attempting to move from making objects that conform to the ideas of classical beauty, and instead shaping things that capture some of the essence of that which is graffiti beautiful.

Hunter De La Ghetto
Artist Statement

-Currently I’m creating a body of work that is an examination of self and society. By presenting various “ideas” in a conceptual sculpture form with consistent visual language, made of childhood ephemera, inner city artifacts, and calligraphy. I’m interested in the beginning and the end, morality, preservation and loss of self . My intention is to create artwork that is ephemeral, yet rests unsettled in purgatory of opinion. By nature each piece is personal meditation yet, the subject matter a can applied to worldly ideas.

As an artist I’m drawing parallels within society and hip hop by deconstructing the frameworks of both world’s. Thus examining the misunderstanding and misrepresentation of the African Americans in our current version of America. My work usually interacts with the given environment and also gives the viewer a sense of participation. They’re left with visual clues, text and sometimes sound to facilitate an overall feeling and connection. I’m hoping to have people search themselves, their experience’s and their current place within society while discovering meaning within my work.

James Coquia
Artist Statment
The current direction of my work leans toward the figure. The timeless quality of the human form has always been a perfect platform from which the concepts for my work begin their development. The human face is instantly recognizable; there is an immediate connection between object and viewer. Conceptually, it is important to me that the work contain enough human quality to fully engage the viewer while simultaneously incorporating elements that produce feelings of discomfort, even repulsion. For me, it is this tension that gives the work a dynamic quality; it is the push and pull that brings the work to life. I am fascinated by human physical anomalies, deformities and human conjugations. Often, in my sculptures I combine elements of the human form with flora and fauna. This combination helps to make the human elements more conspicuous, out of place and unusual. My work is a celebration of the aberrant.

Music Performances by

Mortar and Pestle

Echo Location

Sponsered by Taylor Tonics

Opening reception : June 23rd
Proceeds to benefit West Oakland Town Park
Town Park was created in 2007 by local artist and arts educator Keith “K-Dub” Williams with the help, love, and support from our local skateboard community at historic De Fremery Park in West Oakland. K-Dub and the City of Oakland worked to build a “skater built” dynamic wood structure skatepark for Oakland and Bay Area youth. The goal was to create a facility that would allow our youth to stay in their own community instead of traveling to neighboring city skate parks.

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