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So there is an oasis of awesomeness in Buswhick called “Goodbye Blue Monday” started in 2005 by owner Stephen Tromboli.  Stephen previously owned a place in the West Village called “Scrap Bar”.  It was the mainstay for crazy, legendary punks, rockers, artists, and general insane NYC personalities through the 80s and early 90s.  The Clash, the Ramones, Guns N Roses, Metallica, and many more were there on the regular.  The owner even had to knock out Joey Ramone once for being too drunk. It is noted in many Punk Rock documentaries and now its heritage lives on in “Goodbye Blue Monday”.  Right at Dodworth and Broadway, this place is a dream come true for anyone creative, who has a spiritual investment in the history of New York City music and artistic culture.  The booker, Steve, has an “open stage” policy, in other words he books acts without listening to their music previously so as to give the nights there a truly bizzaro, eclectic, mish mash of culture and audience.  Many people hate this but it truly does make the venue unique and an iconic center for performers within New York City.  You can literally walk in on any night and see a folk musician followed by a hip hop group, followed by a noise rock group, ending with an electronic act.  The interior looks like the mind of an insane culture hoarder complete with stacks of records, old knick knacks, plastic horses covered in Christmas lights, old toy robots, lots of bizarre clown statues also covered in Christmas lights, mirrors galore, big bizarre paintings, a loft/ sound booth, and more.  They have super awesome backyard area very similar to the old Mama Buzz of Oakland, and apart form serving wine, beer, and coffee, they serve food!  That’s right, food.  they have dinner apparently every night from 5pm-12am, and I as I peered from the roof of my friends apartment into the backyard area yesterday I discovered that they serve breakfast/brunch on the weekends.  I spent some time chopping it up with Meghan who was running the joint today when I went in for coffee and had really quite an awesome chat.

My friend Adam Amram, from the band Ken South Rock whom I am going on tour with in Japan this summer, has helped create and maintain the development of this space from its inception.  I used to hang out in the many apartments upstairs with Ninjasonik and friends when it was first developing.  It was, according to Adam, originally an e-bay store, then Ninjasonik and Japanther held the debut show for the venue, and suddenly the shit hit the fan.  They shortly after attained a beer and wine license and Adam says it has been a work in progress ever since.  Because of it the entire neighborhood has been transformed into a crazy, artistic, creative mecca, with a new bar called the “Lone Wolf” and scores of grimy, brilliant, super friendly creatives running around making things happen.  What is so awesome about it though is that there does not seem to be a huge divide between the neighborhood locals and the developing creative population.  Everyone in the neighborhood comes and hangs out at “Goodbye Blue Monday” and the tribes intermingle and get along well.  God Bless America.  Text and Photos by JFA III


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