“Colonial Follies” @ Oddball Films : SF : CA

John Felix Arnold III • May 10, 12 • Art, Events, mediaNo Comments
Oddball Films275 Capp Street San Francisco, CA 94110
Thursday, May 10, 2012 At 08:00 PM
Oddball Films presents Colonial Follies. It was not so long ago when it was completely acceptable to portray indigenous cultures as primitive or barbaric. The representation of “others,” fueled by colonialist and superior attitudes, made for films that showed sophisticated and ancient peoples as mere curiosities. However, there were also filmmakers intent on respectfully depicting lives and rituals of cultures and in doing so created works of cinematic interest and beauty. This program plays these two methods of representation against each other, including films from the 1930s to 1950s ranging from heavy-handed campy travelogues like: Armand Denis’ technicolor classic Savage Splendor (1949) and crackpot Moody Institute of Science’s Primitive Man in a Modern World (1959), to delicate ethnographic works such as Grierson’s Song of Ceylon (1934) and Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead’s Trance and Dance in Bali (1939). Plus! Don’t miss the extremely rare and astounding Cult of the Snake excerpt from Wheels Across India (1938).

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