Analog Strikes Back : Visualize Dubstep as Dubplates in Bengas Stop Motion Video

carter • Apr 10, 12 • Art, MusicNo Comments


For as long as I can remember (Winamp, anyone?), visualizers have always had a bit of a psychedelic aesthetic; Benga opts for acetate instead of acid trip. The teaser clip for the dubstep producer’s new single, “I Will Never Change,” is a clever riff on the prevalence of the digital waveform, recreated in a stop-motion accumulation of custom-cut vinyl—a logical extension of, say, art hacker Gene Kogan’s palm-sized extrusion of a Billy Joel track à la Makerbot, yet not as hacker-y as Ishac Bertran’s cut-and-paste records.

While waveforms have long been familiar to sound engineers and (with the advent of software tools such as ProTools, Garageband, etc.) amateur musicians alike, music streaming site Soundcloud might be credited with the ‘mainstream’ popularization of these graphic representations of audio recordings.

via Hypebeast


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