CHERUBIM introduces its Air Line model

Joey ArtNowSF • Mar 4, 12 • Art, News, Product review, Style, Toys1 Comment


Toyko-based custom bike shop CHERUBIM introduces its Air Line model, a concept bicycle imagined and constructed by breaking all traditions and regulations that hinder creativity. Featuring a graceful red coat, the Air Line’s form is designed to avoid any right angles or hard edges that in typical bicycles cause wind resistance. Throughout the history of cycling, aero dynamics has been a central focus of designers, and the “Air Line” pushes the boundaries of physics in hopes of reaching new possibilities in terms of speed, in particular at the Velodrome and Hour Record time trials.

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One Response to CHERUBIM introduces its Air Line model

  1. Joey ArtNowSF says:

    What an amazing bike!!!! Thank you Hypebeast for giving us this second to none bike to enjoy. It’s style is impeccable

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