Backwoods Gallery Presents: USUGROW

John Felix Arnold III • Feb 27, 12 • Art, Events, media, StyleNo Comments

USUGROW from Louis Mitchell on Vimeo.

After debuting a range of work from Japanese artist Usugrow and fellow The Shinganist, Toshikazu back in July 2011 for the Oriental Elements Exhibition, Backwoods Gallery sheds the spotlight on the former in their latest short film titled, “Backwood Gallery Presents: USUGROW.” An artist whose dedicated and meticulous craft developed through an early obsession with Japan’s punk and metal scene, Usugrow has gone on to create a name for himself with his highly recognizable black and white skull motif artworks. Taking a close look at the process of the artist’s calligraphy and large scale wall canvases, the video sees Usugrow opening up about his beginnings, the meaning behind the ever present skull designs as well as his thoughts on what “punk” means today.


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