“The Moon (Part Two) L@TE: Friday Nights” @ BAM/PFA : Berkeley : CA

John Felix Arnold III • Feb 24, 12 • Art, Events, mediaNo Comments
Berkeley Art Museum 2626 Bancroft Way Between College and Telegraph (510) 642-1412 bampfapress@berkeley.edu
Friday, February 24, 2012 At 07:30 AM
Doors 5:00
Poetry Reading: Monica Peck 5:30
DJ 6:30Artist/curator Rich Jacobs starts off this second installment of The Moon with a DJ set inspired by that celestial orb. Then hear a new composition by experimental turntablist Julia Mazawa, who handcrafts audio interpretations of Klein Bottles and Möbius strips using vinyl’s hisses, pops, and musical snippets. Poet and Guggenheim Fellow Matthew Zapruder reads a series of moon poems and Believer (Danny Grody of Tarantel and Trevor Montgomery of The Drift) soothes us with lush, atmospheric, and blissful sounds. Remember the evening with a free copy of Land and Sea’s publication of Matthew Zapruder’s moon poems.

Admission is $7; free for BAM/PFA members and Cal students.

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