“IN BETWEEN” @Old Crow : Oakland : CA

John Felix Arnold III • Feb 11, 12 • Art, Events, mediaNo Comments

Old Crow does it again!  As per usual Old Crow breaks boundaries without being overbearing or big headed about it.  Delicately monstrous work, creatively explosive, yet subtle and highly detailed in its concept and execution.  Otherworldly yet rooted in the present in which we exist.  Old Crow keeps it moving, this show is just another notch in a very solid, durable, and well fitting belt.

Old Crow
362 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA

Saturday, February 11, 2012 At 08:00 PM

A collective art installation from friends Nick Mann, Brett Flanigan, Craig Rodgers and Dan Bortz.
Come hang out, there will be……
LIVE MUSIC BY TWIN STEPS ( http://twinsteps.bandcamp.com/)


In between now and then, here and there, up and down.

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