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Spoke Art Gallery 816 Sutter St. San Francisco, CA 94109
Saturday, December 03, 2011 At 06:00
Spoke Art is pleased to present Absolute Happiness; new works by Serge Gay Jr.  With

his mastery of color and political imagery, Serge brings you into worlds he has explored through his life’s many travels.  His birthplace of Haiti and later migration to the United States shapes his constant merging of potent social commentary with pop culture.  He skillfully blends realistic figures with surrealism in a fashion which commands attention.  This multifaceted artist uses his work as a chronicle; a timeline of life’s experiences and the journeys that have caught his heart.

The work encompassing Absolute Happiness leads you into the intimate diary of Serge Gay Jr. Each painting tells a different story, with lines delineating a before and after.  Happiness and catastrophe, love gained and love lost, finding a home in a foreign place and the corruption of politics can be found in the crevasses of Gay’s brush strokes. For some, the search for happiness is a never-ending quest, for others, satisfaction is enough. These are the stories which Serge invites you to explore.

About the artist:
Serge Gay Jr. was born in Port-Au Prince, Haiti and has lived in New York, Miami, and Detroit before settling in San Francisco.  Serge attended New World School of the Arts in Miami, FL and later graduated from The College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI.  He has shown with Medicine Agency Gallery, The Barber Lounge, Gallery Bottle Rocket, 111 Minna Gallery,  and was recently nominated for a Grammy for his collaboration with director Matt Stawski for Cee Lo Green’s music videos “F*ck You” and “It’s Ok”.  Serge is a graphic designer, fine artist and illustrator but he most identifies himself as a painter.   As a third generation artist, art is in his blood.

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