“Brook Hinton: Amorphous States” @ Smokeys Tangle : Art Murmur : Oakland : CA

John Felix Arnold III • Dec 2, 11 • Art, Events, media, StyleNo Comments
Smokeys Tangle
4709 Telegraph, Oakland, CA
Friday, December 02, 2011 At 19:00
The video apparitions in Brook Hinton’s Amorphous States hail from a parallel universe where time is unmoored. Old home movies reassert their deceased subjects as ghosts, familiar landscapes breathe and shift as if they are mortal beings, and human figures try unsuccessfully to complete simple tasks in the face of colliding pasts and futures. Through dislocation of expected cinematic markers of time and space, Amorphous States places the viewer in a parallel video universe where time is amplified, expanded, and comprehended as an object.

Hinton will generate work in person at the show’s opening on Friday, December 2 and screen new and revised work on Saturday December 10. Additional work will be exhibited both in and through the gallery’s windows every evening during the show’s December 2 – December 17 run.

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