Marc Horowitz Artist Lecture @ UC Berkeley

John Felix Arnold III • Nov 22, 11 • Art2 Comments

Last night in Banatao Auditorium at UC Berkeley, accomplished, ever creative, and revolutionary video and conceptual artist Marc Horowitz gave a really enjoyable and thought provoking artist talk.  He basically stood on stage donned in a Metallica T-Shirt, drinking a Racer 5 going through his catalogue of video work leading up to his present body of snippets and discussing his new MTV show “Marc Saves America” which is about to start production.  It was really refreshing to see the artist on stage really no different than the man in the video pieces.  He is very funny, incredibly energetic, thought provoking, really quite weird, and seems to have crafted is style of art to most suitably play the game that is life, and apparently very well at that.  The idea that an artist is supposed to live his art and craft and is his work rings truer in Marc than just about any artist I have ever experienced.   He spoke from the heart, he rambled about random things, and it felt much more like a show and tell and “hanging out with Marc Horowitz” session than a lecture.  All in all I would definitely suggests learning about this groundbreaking artist and catching him at any lecture you can find.

You can find his work at his personal website

2 Responses to Marc Horowitz Artist Lecture @ UC Berkeley

  1. marc horowitz says:

    thanks very much for the kind words! Great to have met you.

  2. You too man! You are doing awesome things. Looking forward to seeing what lays ahead.

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