Moments at MADE “Chapter Two w/ Erykah Badu” Video

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MOMENTS at MADE I CHAPTER TWO with Erykah Badu, Jaybo & Miki´s String Quintet – The Film from MADE Blog on Vimeo.

New from MADE, a performance space in Berlin, comes a fascinating project wherein three artists from completely different backgrounds are encouraged to inspire, build off of and work with each other in order to create a completely unique end product. Also featuring artist Jaybo and classical group Miki’s String Quintet, the real star of the film for fans of hip-hop and R&B will without a doubt be Ms. Badu. Performing at the end of the clip with the full backing of the acoustic string group as well as under the watchful eye of Jaybo’s final visual project, Erykah Badu is as hauntingly talented as ever. Definitely worth checking out for fans of music or art of any kind.

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